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ICC 2021 WTC Final Dual Squad Signed Bat Display0

SKU: P0416F

ICC 2021 WTC Final Dual Squad Signed Bat Display

Auction End: 29 July 2021 20:39 (AEST)

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Official Memorabilia, in conjunction with the International Cricket Council, are proud to release the ICC WTC 2021 Dual Squad Signed Bat Display. The ultimate tribute to New Zealand & India, the inaugural ICC WTC Finalists, this magnificent piece is strictly limited to just one edition worldwide. Don’t miss your opportunity to own such a unique piece of Test cricket history. 

  • You are bidding on a truly unique piece of Cricket history
  • Specially commissioned bats come personally signed by all respective members of the New Zealand and Indian Test squads that competed in the ICC WTC 2021 Final
  • Magnificent display features detailed innings-by-innings statistics from the inaugural ICC World Test Championship Final
  • Boutique release of just one edition - making it the only item of its kind commercially available worldwide
  • Accompanied by a 1/1 Certificate of Authenticity
  • Officially licensed and endorsed by the International Cricket Council
  • Independently authenticated by a-Tag, with each edition including a tamper-proof, uniquely numbered hologram discreetly affixed to the display
  • Approximate framed dimensions are an impressive 1000 x 700 mm

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Bid History

Date/Time Amount Bidder Name/User
29 July 2021 20:28$10,050.00SB
29 July 2021 20:28$10,000.00STEVE
29 July 2021 20:24$9,070.00SB
29 July 2021 20:24$9,020.00STEVE
29 July 2021 20:23$8,750.00SB
29 July 2021 20:23$8,700.00STEVE
29 July 2021 20:23$8,550.00SB
29 July 2021 20:23$8,500.00STEVE
29 July 2021 20:18$8,260.00SB
29 July 2021 20:17$8,160.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:16$8,100.00SB
29 July 2021 20:16$8,050.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:16$8,000.00SB
29 July 2021 20:16$7,950.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:14$7,850.00SB
29 July 2021 20:14$7,800.00JG
29 July 2021 20:13$7,750.00SB
29 July 2021 20:13$7,700.00JG
29 July 2021 20:13$7,650.00SB
29 July 2021 20:13$7,600.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:11$7,550.00SB
29 July 2021 20:10$7,300.00JG
29 July 2021 20:10$7,250.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:10$7,200.00JG
29 July 2021 20:10$7,150.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:08$7,100.00JG
29 July 2021 20:08$7,050.00SB
29 July 2021 20:08$7,000.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:07$6,950.00SB
29 July 2021 20:07$6,900.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 20:06$6,850.00SB
29 July 2021 20:06$6,800.00STEVE
29 July 2021 20:05$6,651.00SB
29 July 2021 20:05$6,601.00STEVE
29 July 2021 20:00$6,551.00SB
29 July 2021 19:57$6,350.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 19:57$6,300.00STEVE
29 July 2021 19:57$6,250.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 19:57$6,200.00STEVE
29 July 2021 19:52$6,150.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 19:50$6,100.00SB
29 July 2021 19:48$5,551.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 19:48$5,501.00STEVE
29 July 2021 19:47$5,400.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 19:47$5,350.00JG
29 July 2021 19:47$5,300.00Nadzeya
29 July 2021 19:35$5,250.00JG
29 July 2021 19:34$5,200.00MikeC
29 July 2021 19:34$5,200.00JG
29 July 2021 18:12$5,150.00MikeC
29 July 2021 18:06$5,100.00SB
28 July 2021 21:20$5,050.00turkey
28 July 2021 21:20$5,001.00Nadzeya
28 July 2021 20:07$4,950.00turkey
28 July 2021 20:07$4,900.00MLPage
28 July 2021 18:42$4,800.00turkey
28 July 2021 18:42$4,750.00JG
23 July 2021 18:51$4,600.00turkey
23 July 2021 16:55$4,100.00Nadzeya
23 July 2021 16:54$4,050.00turkey
23 July 2021 16:54$4,000.00Nadzeya
23 July 2021 16:11$3,550.00turkey
23 July 2021 16:11$3,500.00BG
23 July 2021 16:11$3,250.00turkey
23 July 2021 16:11$3,200.00BG
23 July 2021 16:11$3,150.00turkey
23 July 2021 16:11$3,100.00BG
22 July 2021 18:52$3,050.00turkey
22 July 2021 18:52$3,000.00TP
22 July 2021 18:36$2,550.00turkey
22 July 2021 17:33$2,050.00TP
22 July 2021 17:33$2,000.00MikeC
22 July 2021 17:32$1,950.00TP
22 July 2021 17:32$1,900.00MikeC
22 July 2021 17:32$1,850.00TP
22 July 2021 17:32$1,800.00MikeC
22 July 2021 17:32$1,750.00TP
22 July 2021 17:32$1,700.00MikeC
22 July 2021 17:31$1,650.00TP
22 July 2021 17:31$1,600.00MikeC
22 July 2021 16:53$1,550.00TP
22 July 2021 16:53$1,500.00turkey
22 July 2021 16:53$1,500.00TP
22 July 2021 16:51$400.00turkey
22 July 2021 16:51$350.00BSURE
22 July 2021 16:50$200.00turkey
22 July 2021 16:50$150.00BSURE
22 July 2021 16:50$100.00turkey
22 July 2021 16:50$50.00BSURE
22 July 2021 16:27$0.00turkey

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